Our Vision

Soggy Dog Pool will provide a safe indoor environment for dog owners to bring their dogs to exercise and socialize, strengthening the human-animal bond. Soggy Dog Pool will strive to be an Eco-friendly, locally-owned and operated business that is dedicated to our community by supporting animal welfare in the Fort Collins area.


The Concept
Soggy Dog Pool will provide a protected, clean environment for dog owners to bring their dogs to swim anytime of year in an 25’X45′ heated indoor pool created specifically for dogs’ needs. Soggy Dog Pool will have ‘beach’ and ‘dock’ entrances for easy entrance and exit.  The beach entrance will have ramps into the water for dogs that like to wade in and the dock entrance is for those that like to jump in.  The dock entrance will be part of a Dock Dog Dock in effort to bring the sport of Dock Dogs to Northern Colorado!  There will be a dry off area with complimentary towels and dryers and a self wash area available with grooming tubs and earth-friendly grooming products. The outdoor potty area will be fenced for safety and partially covered against the elements.  In the winter the potty area will be heated for the dogs’ comfort.  The pool will use a copper ionization system to maintain cleanliness. Soggy Dog Pool will have themed swim times for dogs that are shy, senior dogs, puppies, small dogs and other special needs dogs to make sure all can enjoy the pool.  We will offer swimming orientations for all dogs to make sure they can swim confidently and find their way out of the pool safely.  Soggy Dog Pool will be a truly unique facility that brings the outdoor swimming experience inside and makes it safe, efficient and fun for all dogs!

Our Promise
Soggy Dog Pool is committed to our community by supporting local business in purchasing local products and services.  We pledge to be as environmentally sound as possible in our daily business matters, using recycled and Eco-friendly products and offsetting our carbon footprint by purchasing wind powered electricity.  We are especially dedicated in the area of animal welfare and will support our local animal shelters by having fundraising nights and adoption days at our facility in addition to donating 5% of our profits these charities.

The Plan
Below is an artist’s rendering of what the facility could look like.  We are currently looking at facilities all around the Fort Collins area, but would ideally like to be located between Fort Collins and Loveland.

Interior View

Soggy Dog Pool