What are the unique features of Soggy Dog Pool?

Soggy Dog Pool will not only be the largest indoor dog pool in Northern Colorado, it will have both ramp & dock entrances, including a Dock Dog Dock. SDP will cater to all dogs with themed swim times for shy dogs, small dogs, seniors & puppies as well as open swim times & private reserved times. SDP will be a chlorine-free pool – no swallowing of harsh chemicals! SDP will have an outdoor area for hanging out or sunning in the summer and a heated potty area in the winter – no Pupsicles!

What are the benefits of swimming for my dog?

Swimming in water offers many great benefits for dogs as it does for humans. Swimming requires more effort because of water resistance creating a high energy work out that is easy on joints. The warm water also soothes muscles & joints, increases flexibility and circulation making it a great work out for the arthritic dog or the athletic dog!

 How much will it cost?

Soggy Dog Pool will offer many different price packages to fit every need. A drop in rate is $13, packages can be had for $11/swim. SDP will also offer monthly, 6-month and 1 year packages to save even more! And for those with more than one dog, we’ll offer multi-dog discounts too.

When will you open and where will you be located?

If all goes will with our Fundraising effort through Communityfunded.com, we could open doors by the New Year. We have been looking at many locations through out Fort Collins. Ideally, we want to be located between Fort Collins and Loveland to be accessible to both communities.

 How can I help bring Soggy Dog Pool to our Fort Collins Community?

  • Pledge to the Soggy Dog Pool project on Communityfunded.com
  • Spread the word! Tell everyone you know about us and ask them to do the same – oh, and to pledge, of course!
  • Join us on Facebook: Facebook.com/SoggyDogPool or Twitter: @soggydogpool
  • Offer an in-kind donation: do you have a service or product you’d be willing to donate as a Giftback to our project? You get recognition for your kindness and some good karma 🙂
  • Offer in-kind labor: are you a plumber or painter or carpenter, etc who would be willing to donate your labor or give a discount for your services? You get recognition for your kindness and some good karma as well 🙂