In order to get our Soggy Dog Pool campaign up and running we’ve had to rely on some good folk to do work for us that we just couldn’t do on our own. And they did a fantastic job for us! We’d like to show our appreciation by mentioning them here:

CommunityFunded (, obviously we wouldn’t even have this opportunity to try and raise funds if they weren’t so open and supportive of our project from the very beginning. The optimism this organization has in infectious!

Connor Lonning, he’s the Videographer. He did a great job considering what he had to work with 😉 He’s been extremely patient with us through the process and has been very helpful with what we are trying to accomplish. He’s done a fantastic job for us as you can see and his enthusiasm has been endearing.

Ernie Komarek (, usually designing mountain homes, Ernie was excited to take on a challenge like our project. He’s our building plan designer and the artist that rendered our vision. Ernie is an animal lover and is knowledgeable about fundraising and how to design something to sell it so it’s been to our advantage to have him on board. He has been very easy to work with, eager to please and put out a great product for us in little time.

Cody McAllister ( & Kevin Micke (
Boy did these two save our hiney! We had been trying to find someone to create our website but were having no luck getting any responses. The fact that we had a two week window we wanted it done in didn’t make it easy but this Superduo came to our rescue. Cody created the star of the show, our logo, which the public loves and which we get compliments on from other graphic artists all the time, “your artist is very good, great design, eye catching, appealing, draws you in” are just some of the things we’ve heard. And then bless Kevin who had to help our poor computer illiterate founder to not only understand what goes into making a website and how it should be laid out but how to actually manage it… herself! Ask him, he will tell you she still contacts him for help sometimes and he does help, in his friendly, gentle manner. These guys have been freaking awesome!

Mugs Coffee Lounge (
Mugs has been great to us, offering up in-kind donations to offer as giftbacks from the start. And ready to offer up more! What else could we ask for?!

We met Lelie Carroll of (Earth Star Creations) in September of 2012 when R Lo hurt his back. At first we didn’t know exactly what was wrong with him or if he would ever gain full mobility in his hind end: enter Lelie. I literally googled: Dog Energy Healer and she popped up, after reading her Bio & how she worked with shelter dogs I knew she was the woman for us. She came to meet R Lo late one evening because it’s the only time she had available and she felt he needed to be seen. She was able to calm him down and even pinpoint where his injury was — which was something the vets we had worked with couldn’t do. And MRI confirmed Lelie’s suspicions. Since then Lelie has become our friend and has worked on me(Tammy), R Lo, and our household kitties. She is compassionate and truly has a gift. She doesn’t do her work because she HAS to, she does it because she is called to it and you can tell. We can’t recommend her highly enough!

Wes Reiff of (Ruff Life Adventures with Rev)
A new dog exercise biz is in town & it offers up some new and exciting ways of keeping your dog fit and healthy. Enter Wes & his dogs Rev & Bailey who will keep your pups entertained and lead them on outings, on leash or off, in our beautiful outdoors. RLAWR has been awesome to donate some in-kind excursions for your pups along with massage too! What a great idea!