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Our Story

In March of 2011 my dog and best friend, R Lo, kept coming up lame at his Flyball tournaments.  When he was diagnosed with arthritis in his wrists at the young age of 5 I knew that finding an activity for my highly active companion would have to be easy on his joints if I wanted him to have a long, healthy life.  I found that swimming was an excellent exercise for him and that he absolutely loved fetching in the water but the problem was that we could only maintain that activity as long as the outdoor swimming season lasted.  Soon the idea for Soggy Dog Pool was created so that  R Lo could spend his twilight years fetching his hearts desire and we could share the experience with other dogs and their owners in our dog-friendly Fort Collins community.


Tammy Barto is a Colorado native and has lived in Fort Collins most of her life.  Previous to Soggy Dog Pool, she was self-employed as a Housekeeper and a Pet Sitter.  Tammy enjoys hiking, reading, microbrews and is an avid animal lover.  She is owned by her dog, R Lo, and cats Molly and Violet.